• Blanton

    John’s connection to the spiritual world is beyond imaginable! He has consistently provided me with explicit details surrounding all types of situations. Details which in turn have helped me to create a framework of success for manifesting my own destiny both professionally and personally. His heart and mind are genuine and his information is the golden ticket into the window of opportunity

  • Tracey Barkworth

    I just wanted to say thank you for the private tonight John, you’ve somehow kept me going. If it wasn’t for you and your visions I wouldn’t have had the strength to get over my ex let alone meet someone new who you told me about last year!! even described his height and knew he liked lake fishing not sea fishing. You told me exact details about my promotion at work months before it happened and even that I would have to go to Manchester for work, id never travelled with work in my 25 year career and I was very dubious but yet again you were right!!! I’m just waiting on the silver Audi next lol, Thank you John from the bottom of my heart. xx

  • Nicole

    He makes me feel so at ease during a time when my life has been such a challenge. He assures me on my right path. He tells me things I don’t even tell others. He’s truly gifted but before his gift you can feel he is a good human being. He’s honest straightforward tells you reality. I love coming for readings because so many changes are happening for me right now and he’s helped more than I think he may know

  • Michael Higson

    I remember having a reading many years ago by you John. At the time I didn’t think much of it. U predicted me in a white shirt in a leadership role and speaking another language. Also that helicopters will be big in my future. At the time of the reading I was an under confident Fire-fighter. Now a good 9 years after the reading I’m a Fire Officer in Dubai leading a Fire team and speaking Arabic on a daily basis… whilst wearing a white officer shirt. It’s an amazing gift you have. Still waiting for that helicopter licence

  • Jade

    John picked up on things without me saying anything. Extremely impressive. Love John, always puts a smile on my face. Thank you John! xxxx

  • Crystal

    Amazing gift. Messages and confirmation of things without any information including names. Would recommend a reading with him for true insight. Thank you so much for a wonderful reading

  • Shelly

    Thank you John! Appreciate the reading! John’s a great reader. Always picks up quick and connects with spirit. Reads clear and with details.

  • Dang

    Thanks John so much for all your nice words. I love love love coming to you. Always super accurate and put me in a great mood when I am down or sad. True I am working in a new system. Is amazing the amount of little details you can see. Thanks again

  • Nick

    Such a nice quick reading with John. Loved how he picked up on so many details even though I didn’t say anything. Thank you so much, I feel so much better after talking to you and I´ll be back to update you soon

  • Megan

    Information just flows from him- facts about me and my life- he just KNEW! he was able to see past,present,and future. Thankful for his wisdom and sharing his gift with me

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